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how to visit isle of skye

The Skye Guide also features the towns, villages, wildlife and history of our island. On average the Glasgow to Isle of Skye train time is 6 h 5 min covering the 128 miles (206 km) long route, but the journey time can vary depending on specific dates or travelling on weekends and bank holidays. There are several tours that run to the Isle of Skye from mainland Scotland, as well as tours that depart directly from the island. The Top 10 Things to Do and See on the Isle Of Skye. To get to Skye from Glasgow there are a few options. ISLE OF SKYE: 'Wildly beautiful and quintessentially Scottish' is how Big 7 Travel describes the top-ranked Isle of Skye. Come evening, feast on fresh seafood and retreat to a … Drive from InvernessIt is 112 miles from Inverness to Portree on Skye, it will take about 2.5 hours if the roads a quiet, but during the summer it can take a bit longer. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. Delve into the culture and history of the Isle of Skye at great attractions, such as Skyeskyns, Dunvegan Castle and the Skye Museum of Island Life. Highlights including seeing the dramatic landscapes ta Glencoe Loch Luibnaig, Loch Earn, Crianlarich and Tyndrum, spending a full day on the Isle of Skye and viewing Loch Ness and the Grampian Mountains. There are local buses that can be relied on, but they are not that frequent. It’s important to mention that the public transportation service on the Isle of Skye is limited, and its difficult to move around easily without a car. We have reviews of the best places to see in Isle of Skye. Browse our online shop for maps, walking guides and gifts. Home | Privacy Policy | Contact© 1999-var today=new Date() You should expect to travel around 128 miles (206 km) from Glasgow to Isle of Skye by train. The best route is to take the A87, A887 & A 82 – via Loch Alsh, Eileen Donan, Glen Shiel, Invermoriston and west shore of Loch Ness. There are some private taxi services which can be booked, but the bus service is very limited. Bus. What is the average Glasgow to Isle of Skye train duration? Full detail of each route is on Calmac’s website including full timetables and the recommended option to book online. Uig (skye) to Lochmaddy (North Uist) or Tarbert (Harris). This was one of my favorite places. In short, both the train and the bus are both good options of getting to the Isle of Skye from Inverness and both offer stunning scenic views along the way. There is a direct train from Glasgow to Mallaig train station, which is situated on the mainland of Scotland just next to Skye and the journey takes around 5 hours. The are open in January and February 10-16:30, March – October 9:30 – 17:00, and November and December 10-16:30. Fort William is a small town about half way from Skye to Glasgow with shops on the High Street and many good places to eat. It is better to visit the Trotternish Loop and Blaven during clear weather. If you are driving following the directions from a Sat Nav, be aware if you a traveling from the south and select the shortest rouge some devices will take you to Mallaig where there is the ferry to Skye.Check your route carefully to ensure it takes you slightly longer route using the free road bridge. However, since public transportation runs infrequently, it makes getting around the island extremely difficult. 95% of visitors to Skye research the destination online before travelling, help them find what they are looking for! Skye is full of beautiful scenery and amazing walks, to see them all, you need to have a car. We have reviews of the best places to see in Isle of Skye. Our guide to Skye includes our top 10 walks each with a full description and photo slideshow offering a step by step account of what to expect. To make the most of your stay you must consider the travel options, including how to get here and once on the Island how to get about.Car hire is the preferred option by many visitors to Skye, as it allows the flexibility to come and go as you please. AGAIN, this castle was closed when we visited. To ensure Visitors that are planning a trip to the Island find your business, post a listing here on If you choose to stay in one of the more remote parts of the Island a car is an essential.If you prefer not to drive choosing accommodation in one of the larger villages (Portree, Broadford or Dunvegan) would be advised. Join our growing community by becoming a fan on our facebook page. Isle of Skye Without a Car. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in January. Visit the Isle of Skye during spring (March through May) to experience the plant life blooming, summer (June through August) to enjoy long, temperate summer days, fall (September through November) to see the changing leaves, or winter (December through February) to take advantage of the skiing and snowboarding possibilities.… The Isle of Skye is the largest of the Inner Hebrides in Scotland and visitors can’t seem to get enough of it. For more details, see here. And at only 50 miles long, it’s easy to see many of … The Isle of Skye is very quiet in winter as there are very few tourists that visit the island during the off-season. | The Isle of Skye (an t-Eilean Sgiathanach in Gaelic) takes its name from the old Norse sky-a, meaning ‘cloud island’, a Viking reference to the often-mist-enshrouded Cuillin Hills. Full timetables can be found on their website. Inverness to Skye Timetable (winter 2020/21), Glasgow to Skye Timetable (winter 2020/21). The easiest solution is to take a tour, with day trips from Inverness or 3 day excursions from Edinburgh. A wide selection of the best shows on in London from fantastic new musicals to the best plays and events taking place in the capital. The Bus Company ‘City Link’ presently offer coaches from both Glasgow & Inverness to Skye. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. I wish I had more time to sit, relax and have a picnic … So why not come to Skye and explore and experience some of the most beautiful inaccessible regions on Scotland's West Coast. There is not a railway on Skye. You have a choice to make a detour from the most direct route to Skye, and instead head to Loch Ness and Urquhart Caste, which adds another 1hr20m to the journey. The stunning 13th Century Eilean Donan castle. There is not a railway on Skye. Once on Skye you may find our Travel Distances table useful as is shows the distances between the different Skye villages. Inverness to Kyle – then a Bus on to the Island. document.write(year) | | All rights Reserved. It will normally take 5-6 hours to drive, in the summer months when the roads are busy it can take a bit longer. . Brought to you by Skye Connect, it's the first step towards planning an unforgettable... Natural wonders. Citylink is the Scottish bus service between towns. The nearest International Airport is Glasgow and the nearest Local Airport is Inverness. If you have a rainy day, go to the Fairy Pools and Talisker Distillery. It is always worth stopping in Fort William to break up the Journey. If you are going to do the journey to the Isle of Skye by car, then it is recommended to stop along the way and plan your route to Skye so that you balance the need to get there as quicky as possible versus choosing a route that takes in as much as the stunning highland scenery as possible. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in January. Tourist England offers a large selection of tours in the UK including day tours, multi-day tours, packages, private tours, and more. Airports. Skye has over 350 miles of coastline that varies from location to location. Mallaig to SkyeIf you are planning to take the ferry from Mallaig to Armadale be aware there is limited public transport onwards from Armadale to the rest of Skye. Admire its brightly painted houses and array of pubs and shops, making it a fine spot for an Isle of Skye holiday. There is the scenic route to drive to Skye. Restaurants The 10 Best Restaurants In The Isle Of Skye. Putting all things together, May and June are actually the best times to visit the Isle of Skye. The Isle of Skye is located about 235 miles from Edinburgh and driving time can range from 5 to 6 hours. . Before crossing the Skye Bridge, you can visit Eilean Donan Castle. Choose your travel dates based on what you want to do and see. Isle of Skye Skye Time. Another very easy hike. Travel Tips. The address is Carbost, Isle of Skye, IV47 8SR. Head to The Isle of Skye, or ‘Cloud Island’ in Old Norse, is the largest of the Inner Hebrides and the second-largest of Scotland’s islands, making it a great destination for a quintessential Scottish island holiday. The Isle of Skye is on Scotland's west coast and can be reached either by ferry from Mallaig or by bridge further North. We hand-pick the best events in the UK, from the hottest concerts and live sporting events to the best shows and musicals in London and across the United Kingdom. This is the easiest, most ‘hassle free’ way of getting to this very remote location. If you will be driving on Skye you may find a Skye Road Map useful. The most common way to get to the Isle of Skye is to fly into Glasgow, rent a car, and drive up through the highlands from there. If you need more flexibility then maybe consider using the Skye Bridge were more public transport options are available. Alternatively, there are direct trains that run from Inverness and Glasgow which go to the northernmost part of the mainland, and from here a ferry and bus to Isle of Skye. How to Get To Talisker Distillery. Relish the quietude on uncrowded hiking trails, explore evocative castle ruins and marvel at the dramatic coastline from a kayak. For more information on kayaking in Skye, visit Isle of Skye See & Do The 12 Most Beautiful Scottish Road Trips. If you plan on visiting the Isle of Skye for several days, the order of the itinerary can be changed. Travel on the Isle of Skye Car hire. A similar tour with a similar itinerary from the 3-day Edinburgh tour, which includes bed and breakfast accommodation and a boat trip to Urquhart Castle as well as stunning coastal scenic views. Consider stopping at some of these places: The magazine Travel named the drive from Glasgow to Isle of Skye as one of the greatest drives in the world! This is when the weather is almost hot – remember, this is Scotland! There are two train stations on the mainland that are very close and connect to local bus routes. The main public transport system on the Isle of Skye is run by Stagecoach and for £9.20 you can get a DayRider, allowing you to travel on any Stagecoach bus for a full day. The train goes right through the heart of the Scottish highlands. To get there follow A87 Sligachan turn left on to the A863. You might plan to try both options, going out on the train and returning on the bus. This post was originally written in September 2016 and it is updated on a regular basis. One solution is to take transportation to Portree, and then take a guided day tour of the island from Portree, that will take you to places where you just can’t reach by public transport. An Isle of Skye road trip is the best way to see this beautiful Scottish island. Fair enough – bad weather is a risk all over Scotland. See & Do 10 Gorgeous Walks to Take on the Isle of Skye. Head to the Less Visited Sections of the Island. Delve into the past. There are no direct buses or trains to get to Skye from Edinburgh. Explore Skye holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. The Isle of Skye. All easily done in the time you have. Its about a 215 mile drive and places to stop at along the way include: Inverness is about 120 miles from Skye. When to Visit the Isle of Skye. Buses don’t run as frequently as they would in a big city, but if you plan out your day to fit around the bus times it’s absolutely do-able to get around. var year=today.getFullYear() You’ll also visit the harbor town of Portree for lunch, and head back past Loch Ness. This short hike is really more of a walk. Whether they had ancestors from the island, have seen its landscape in one of the many films it appears in or simply know the name and want to experience the place themselves, people keep coming. Fort William is a great place to stop … In the summer it can be worth booking online to ensure you get a seat. The locals also tend to hibernate during this time, winding down before the chaos of the summer months and hiding indoors from the cold and rain to come. There is a direct CityLink bus from Glasgow to the Isle of Skye, with three direct services a day and a fourth to Fort William. There are many car hire companies at the airports (including Rhino Car Hire), it would always be worth booking in advance.It is possible to hire a car on Skye in Portree Morrisons Car Hire and in Armadale DriveSkye, booking in advanced is always recommended. The local bus routes on Skye (village to village) are operated by the company Stagecoach. The bottom line is that the bus will probably work out cheaper than the train and quite possibly faster if you are planning to go to the main town of Portree on Skye. The bus goes through Kintail and by the shores of Loch Ness past Urquhart Castle. There are no direct trains to the Isle of Skye, but there are trains that stop just before the island, and from here you can cross onto the mainland by ferry or bridge. The nearest International Airport is Glasgow and the nearest Local Airport is Inverness. There are also several direct bus routes to the island. The season had ended (a few sights will close for winter on the Isle of Skye- especially castles), so it’s worth visiting in … Though Skye is an island we do have a road bridge spanning the sea between the villages of Kyle of Lochalsh (mainland) and Kyleakin (Skye). If there's one thing about Skye that'll leave a lasting impression on you, it's got to be the scenery. Full details of these routes including timetable can be found on their website. If you are planning a visit to Skye buying maps and guides before you travel gives you the time to really plan your trip to get the most from your time on the Isle of Skye. It takes 5-6 hours. There are several ways to get to the Isle of Skye, either by car, public transportation or tour. July and August might be a tiny bit warmer, but the difference is marginal. Best Hikes on the Isle of Skye Fairy Pools. Car Hire. Yet having driven for … The beating heart of the island is undoubtedly the harbour town of Portree. It’s also when there’s less chance of rain – but again, this is Scotland, and rain should be expected all through the year. The best time to visit the Isle of Skye is in the summer months. There is a direct City Link bus from Inverness to Isle of Skye with two services each day and the journey takes around 3 hours. To get to Skye from Glasgow there are a few options. A relatively flat trail follows along the river, with views of... Fairy Glen. The journey lasts around 7 hours. Glasgow to Mallaig - then the Ferry to Skye. The best time to visit Isle of Skye . It simply says: 'The Isle of Skye is a Highland knockout' Advertisement There is a direct train from Inverness to Kyle which takes around 2hr30m and there are several trains each day. Known as the Kyle Line, it is one of the world’s most dramatic train routes with stunning scenic views of the Scottish Highlands. – and temperatures rise into the twenties. The quaint little town is home to Scotland’s oldest whisky distillery, Drive from here along the A9 into the highlands. From here, take the CallMac ferry to get to Armadale, which is on the Isle of Skye. If you prefer to travel without a car or fancy a day off from driving, there are several options including public transport. Drive from GlasgowIt is 216 miles from Glasgow to Portree on Skye. The Isle of Skye is one the top destinations when visiting Scotland. The Skye Bridge is around a 4.5hr drive from Glasgow (without stops).Glencoe is around … OR, it’s close to the Skye bridge, so either way, it’s a good castle to leave as one of the last attractions to see on the Isle of Skye. . The ferry ride lasts around 30 minutes. Is the weather worth it? Departing every day from Edinburgh, this bestselling Skye tour explores the highlights of Northern Scotland, the Scottish Highlands and Isle of Skye. So whilst it is doable, bear in mind that public transportation is not the ideal option. Our selection of tours include: This is a small group tour, with a maximum of 16 passengers that goes to Isle of Skye from Inverness. Loch Lomond, a breathtaking loch about 1 hour from Glasgow, Glencoe, the most romantic and historic glen in Scotland. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Isle of Skye, The Hebrides on Tripadvisor: See 119,153 traveler reviews and photos of Isle of Skye tourist attractions. Alternatively head along the A87 from Invergarry to the Isle of Skye, which is one of the most popular driving routes in the UK, which passes five lochs and crosses the Skye Bridge. If you are not in a rush and wish to take in some of the spectacular views on route to Skye then the Glenelg ferry is a great option.Take the boat ‘Over the Sea to Skye’. To get to Portree you will need to transfer to a bus. The best way to get to Skye from Edinburgh is to take a train or a bus to Inverness or Glasgow and then take the bus or train. Despite its popularity, the Isle of Skye manages to retain a remote, away-from-it-all feeling. There are 3 main ferry ports on Skye which are all operated by the company Calmac. The town of Pitlochry, which is 70 miles from Edinburgh along the M90. People visit areas all over the Isle of Skye, but you … Once you get to Portree you need to take a tour or taxi to explore Skye (see links above), as the sights are scattered around the island. See & Do 8 Reasons Why Outdoor Lovers Should Visit the Isle … If tours aren’t your thing, then many people choose to rent a car and drive to the island, enjoying the stunning Scottish Highland scenery along the way. In spite of its location in the north, Skye boasts a warm oceanic climate, which makes for mild winters and rainy summers. Glen Shiel which is another picturesque beautiful glen. From the essential visits including tours in London, Stonehenge, Oxford and the Cotswolds to the more off-the-beaten-track, all tours on Tourist England are available to book with guaranteed departures and the best prices. Driving TipsIf you plan to drive to and around Skye then read through our Driving Tips for some general advice and tips for Single Track Roads. However, you can travel with Citylink from Edinburgh via either Glasgow or Inverness to Portree (the main town on Skye) and this journey takes between 8 and 13 hours. I flew into Edinburgh, took a train to Glasgow, and then started driving. Just 1 mile in length, allow one hour for a leisurely walk through this very... Old Man of Storr. Train. I chose to take the bus the whole way. Talisker Distillery is the oldest working distillery on the Isle of Skye. Fortunately, there is a lot to do. In the summer, the average weather hovers around 60 F and in the winter around high 30 F. Most tourists visit Skye in the summer. Our pick of the best things going on in London, from exhibitions and events to concerts, musicals, festivals and competitions. the ultimate guide to the Isle of Skye in the Highlands of Scotland. The Isle of Skye is not the first place most think of visiting when they go to Scotland, but in my opinion, it is much better than places such as Edinburgh and Loch Ness. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you take on activities such as mountain biking, watersports and rock climbing, and have amazing encounters with wildlife, including dolphins, red deer and puffins. Skye is best with 3 nights and Edinburgh - look at 2 nights max, or only 1 if you prefer more time in the magnificent Highlands and Skye. The Hebridean Isle of Skye abounds in heritage, visitors can discover ancient standing stones or visit the castles. You’ll get to visit Eilean Donan Trotternish Peninsula, with a guided tour of well-known landmarks including the Old Man of Storr, Kilt Rock and Quiraing. From here, take a Stagecoach Bus (. This small private operator has full details on their website. About the Isle of Skye. Consider stopping at some of these places: The town of Pitlochry, which is 70 miles from Edinburgh along the M90. There are no direct buses from Edinburgh to Skye. You can take the train to the Isle of Skye but that will only get you to the bridge that connects the island to the mainland. The most direct route from Edinburgh to the Isle of Skye crosses through Perth and Pitlochry (A9), Loch Laggan and Spean Bridge (A86, A82) and finally from Invergarry out west on the A87. In my opinion, it’s better to go for the time with the most hours of sunshine. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Isle of Skye, The Hebrides on Tripadvisor: See 119,152 traveller reviews and photos of Isle of Skye tourist attractions. Fairy Glen. You can hire a car from a local car hire company such as Skye Car Hire.. Car-free travel around Skye.

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